Apex Brand Management Top Performers Return From R&R

Select individuals from Apex Brand Management recently returned from an R&R retreat in the Dominican Republic. The firm's President described the trip and discussed why team members enjoy frequent travel rewards.

Matt, Apex Brand Management’s President, announced that Lucas was chosen to accompany him to Punta Cana for the weekend adventure that began November 15. The purpose of the trip was a rest and relaxation getaway that featured networking, recognition, and plenty of time to lounge and explore this sunny paradise. 

As Matt explained, only qualifying top performers are extended an invitation to this exclusive retreat. Each person who attended had to hit specific milestones on their career paths, including set goals, skills mastery, and demonstrated leadership abilities. According to Matt, Lucas is the biggest learner in the office and sets the example for other team members. He is consistent in his work and has been tapped as the next associate to be promoted to management. In an office filled with many high achievers, Lucas pulled ahead, which is why he was bestowed this chance to visit an international destination for an all-expenses-paid weekend.

While in Punta Cana, Matt introduced Lucas to other leaders in the customer acquisitions industry. This event attracted exceptional talent from around the globe, all of whom have enjoyed much success in 2018. Lucas was able to listen to their stories of how they’ve realized their goals and visions, providing inspiration he needs to continue to grow in this field. 

The R&R retreat is among the most coveted trips Apex Brand Management makes available to associates. However, Matt noted the opportunities to travel are broad for qualifying team members. Throughout the year, individuals who have worked hard to see results might be tapped for cross-regional training, visits to other offices and potential markets for expansion, and quarterly national conferences.

Apex Brand Management’s President on Why Travel Benefits His Team

At a time when more companies are opting to limit travel expenses in favor of remote connections, Matt is a huge proponent of business trips for Team Apex Brand Management for a number of reasons. 

First, there’s nothing quite like networking face-to-face when it comes to connecting with others. While it’s possible to share information with colleagues across technological platforms, certain nuances like body language and voice inflection that are critical to understanding others can be missed through written exchanges and even phone conversations. 

The second aspect of travel that Matt likes is the team-building component. Generally, people venture off in pairs, which allows them to become better acquainted through shared new experiences. When they return to the office, their rapport is channeled into collaboration and knowledge transfer to others.

Finally, these trips become exciting rewards for which team members put forth additional effort to earn a nod to go. This factor certainly pays dividends in the form of increased results and more growth for the firm and their partners. By bringing these components together, Matt believes that Apex Brand Management’s travel philosophy is an investment with lasting returns.

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