Apex Brand Management's Exciting Travel Opportunities

Travel is part of the Apex Brand Management approach to success. The company President discussed the latest excursion and recognized the team member who accompanied him on the trip.

“Our recent adventure took the form of a rest and relaxation retreat,” said Matt, the President of Apex Brand Management. “It was held in the Dominican Republic, in November. Jordan, our human resources manager, came along as well. She certainly earned the opportunity, and she made the most of it!”

According to Matt, the event was a chance to get some time off and network with the most successful professionals in the industry. It allowed them to gain access to fresh ideas, which they are implementing to take Apex Brand Management to the next level of success.

“Many of the influencers who attended spoke about how they started from the bottom and worked their way to the top,” Matt stated. “It’s great to hear what they have gone through, so I can take their stories back to the office and motivate my team members.”

"One of my favorite parts of the trip was the awards ceremony. Jordan, our Human Resources Manager, won Administrator of the Year. She works incredibly hard day in and day out so it was great to see her get recognized for everything she does."

Apex Brand Management President Discusses the Importance of Team Member Recognition

Matt noted that the awards ceremony was one of his favorite parts of the trip. Jordan received an award for being the administrator of the year. She works hard every day, so the Apex Brand Management President was pleased to see her recognized for everything she does.

“We’re big on recognition,” he continued. “In fact, there are several guidelines I follow in terms of expressing my appreciation. Consistency is important, for instance. Thanking some people for certain activities and ignoring similar efforts in others will only lead to confusion and frustration, after all.”

It’s also essential to be as specific and timely as possible when recognizing team members. Matt indicated that he wants them to know exactly what they’re doing well, and that communicating with them immediately shows that the sentiments are genuine.

“I also ensure that expressions of appreciation are uniquely meaningful to the recipients,” Matt concluded. “Those who prefer to receive accolades privately enjoy thanks in one-on-one meetings. Those who qualify and who enjoy travel – such as Jordan – are considered for trips such as the rest and relaxation retreat.”

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